7-Days luxury pillbox - morning / noon / evening / night

7-Days luxury pillbox - morning / noon / evening / night
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The 7-day pillbox Deluxe has a bar compartment for every day of the week, so it is also suitable for taking a daily dose. Simply pull the bar out of the tower in the morning for the day of the week.
Each bar has four compartments for morning, midday, evening and night. All bars and compartments are inscribed in German so that no confusion is possible.
Fill the tower once a week or continuously when a latch is empty. So you always have the right amount of tablets prepared for several days.

Product details
  •     Drug dispenser in tower form
  •     Removable lockable compartments for every day of the week
  •     4 day subdivisions for morning, noon, evening, night
  •     Dimensions: height 12.5 cm, width 11.5 cm, depth 4.3 cm
  •     Dimensions of a bolt: height 1.5 cm, width 10.7 cm, depth 3.3

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