Capsule filler K100 Premium "4" with 1000 Vegetarian capsules

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With the semi-automatic capsule filling device K100 Premium you can fill herbs, natural substances or vitamins precisely and super fast in capsules. The pre-sorter helps you to place the capsules in the right position so that they fall into the matching holes on the main plate.
With a spatula you can spread the filling material into the capsule lower parts. Each 100 capsules can be processed in one operation. After filling all 100 capsules can be closed again with few handles. With the K100 Premium you can process in one hour approximately 500 capsules, that are contained in this set.

Special features

  • The device consists of high-quality, impact-resistant acrylic casting resin and is particularly suitable for continuous use due to its first-class workmanship.
  • Due to its weight, it is not only very solid overall, but also does not slip so quickly during filling with capsules. Four small rubber feet provide additional support.
  • The pre-sorter is precisely adapted to the selected capsule size so that hardly any stuff is lost during filling.
  • All metal elements of the capsule filler are made of high-quality food-safe stainless steel and are particularly suitable for hygienic processing of the fillers.
  • The clamping tool has pins that fit exactly to the selected capsule size. This enables precise work and precise filling.
  • A powder frame prevents the product from falling out during filling.
  • A practical handle on the tamper makes processing considerably easier.

The capsule filling device offered here is not suitable for filling with medication because the required accuracy of the filling quantity cannot be achieved constantly. The capsule filler K100 Premium is only suitable for capsules of the specified size. For other capsule sizes, a different device is required. The device is available in sizes 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 00 and 000.
ATTENTION: The capsule filling device K100 is not dishwasher-safe and may only be cleaned by hand in lukewarm water.

Scope of delivery
1. 6-piece capsule filler of the chosen size
2. Clamping tool for compressing the content
3. Card for filling your herbs and vitamins into capsules
4. DVD film as instructions for use with English subtitles
5. Matching capsules of the chosen kind and quantity

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