Complet kit Fastlock 100 - full metall (sizes 5 - 00)

Complet kit Fastlock 100 - full metall (sizes 5 - 00)
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The Fastlock 100 complete set is a first-class, full metal capsule filler device with presorter, with a five-year functional guarantee from the manufacturer.

With this high-quality complete set, consisting of a capsule filling device and an automatic pre-sorter, you can professionally and comfortably fill up to 1000 capsules per hour with herbs, natural substances, dietary supplements or vitamins. 100 capsules can be processed simultaneously. The Fastlock 100 is completely made of stainless steel, except for the anodised aluminium cover plate and a bronze bush. It is suitable for food, works with 3 stainless steel plates and requires no adjustment or maintenance.

The device can open and close 100 capsules simultaneously. The filling takes place in a powder frame. The filling material is spread with a spatula into the opened capsules and compacted with a rammer. After that the capsules can be resealed in one single step.

With the help of the supplied automatic presorting device, you can bring 100 capsules into the correct position in two short work steps in order to let them fall into the capsule filling device. This saves a considerable amount of time as the cumbersome manual pre-sorting is no longer necessary. The capsule filler and presorter are only suitable for capsules of one size.

Therefore, please indicate the desired capsule size when ordering. The device is available in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


  • Automatic capsule filling machine
  • Automatic loading device
  • Powder frame
  • High-grade steel panel
  • Tamping tool with 20 pins
  • Card for filling your capsules
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

To be sure, that the upper and lower parts of the capsules are firmly closed after filling, we recommend using the "Serial Closer" offered in our shop.

Click here for the technical data sheet:

To see how the fastlock 100 full metall works please click on the tab ´Video´ above.
The kit Fastlock 100 full metall works in the same way as the previous model shown in the video.

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