Capsule filler Comfort-24 "000" with 5000 gelatin capsules

Capsule filler Comfort-24 "000" with 5000 gelatin capsules
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Set contents:
5x Gelatin capsules clear - Size 000 - Quantity 1000
1x Capsule filler Comfort-24 - Size 000

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The mini capsule filler Comfort-24 is very easy and comfortable to use. After filling the lower part of the capsules you can close them all together with one single grasp. After practising a little you will be able to fill 24 capsules within some minutes, in one hour up to 250 capsules! The capsule filler comfort 24 is a high quality USA product. It can be put into the dishwasher without any problems. Moreover, you can fit it in your bag and bring it everywhere.

Attention: Unlike the Comfort-24 size 1, 0 and 00, the Comfort-24 size 000 only has 18 holes instead of 24. Accordingly, the amount of possible hourly capsule production is reduced by about a quarter.

The order will contain
1. 2-part capsule filling device
2. Compression tool for securing the content
3. Card for elapsing the filling goods into the capsules
4. 5000 capsules of the chosen kind and size ( /-2%)
5. Manual in english

With this capsule filler you can fill only gelatin or cellulose capsules of the chosen size. For other capsule sizes you will need other fillers, that are also available at our shop. For further information about the chosen capsules please have a look at the product description of the corresponding capsules.

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