Gelatin capsules clear separated - Size 000 QUICK-IN caps

Gelatin capsules clear separated - Size 000 QUICK-IN caps
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Our separated pharmaceutical gelatin capsules (QUICK-IN-capsules) are from high-quality production. They are prepared from bovine gelatin, are free of pork substances and comply with the Kosher and Halal requirements. There are certifications of independent experts on the microbiological purity and compliance with existing guidelines.
Each bag with capsules contains an imprint with the batch number and the expiry date. On request we will send you the associated certificate. The snap-in closure of the capsule holds together the two parts of the capsule and prevents accidental leakage of the filler medium.
The capsules are tasteless and can be filled with all conventional manual and automatic capsule machines. Since the capsules are supplied separately, you can drop the annoying manual separation and save a lot of time.

Size: "000" (26,1 x 9,5 mm)
Volumen: 1,4 ml
Filling weight (by density): 700 - 1370 mg
Packing: recloseable plastic bag
One teaspoon equivalent: approx. 3 capsules

The capsules are suitable to be filled with food supplements, herbs, natural substances etc. They should be protected from sunlight and moisture and not be filled with (aqueous) liquids, because they will dissolve before use. The suitable storage temperature is 15° to 25° C. The capsules are not enteric and dissolve in the stomach.
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