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Which capsule size is right for me?

Answer: The size of the capsule should depend on the desired dosage. You can find the fitting capsule for your desired dosage at the right bottom of this website by clicking on 'Product information' under 'Information'.
For particularly light or particularly heavy substances, the possible dosage per capsule mentioned there may deviate from the values given. Please also bear in mind that capsules of size 00 or 000 cannot be swallowed by all people, especially children, because of their size. In this case you should use several capsules of a smaller size instead of one capsule of size 00 or 000.

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Do you also offer enteric capsules?

Answer: Our gelatine, vegi and pullulan capsules are not enteric. Only our vegetarian capsules with delayed release have a delayed absorption effect and are protected from gastric acid. The release of the ingredients in the body therefore usually takes place later, after they have reached the intestines.

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Do I get a discount as trader or dealer?

Answer: Our offers apply to dealers and customers alike. For many articles there are graduated prices with discounts for larger quantities, which are automatically displayed in the shop. For order quantities of over 20,000 capsules or more than 2,500 tea bags, please contact us. We will then make you a favourable, individual offer.

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Are the capsules also suitable for filling with liquids?

Answer: Our capsules are not intended for filling with aqueous liquids. However, some of our customers successfully fill capsules with oily substances. Before placing an order, we recommend that you first try out whether our capsules are suitable for your purposes. We will be happy to send you sample capsules for this purpose. Please let us know the type and size of capsule you require and the address to which we should send the samples.

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Can capsules also be ordered in colours other than those offered?

Answer: We can produce gelatine and vegetarian capsules in the desired colour from an order quantity of 500,000 pieces. The delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

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How can the smallest amounts of a desired filler be filled into a capsule?

Answer: You can ‚extend’ the desired amount of active ingredient (e.g. 30 mg per capsule) by adding 270 mg per capsule with another neutral amount such as flour or sugar, for example, to 10 times the amount. Each capsule will then contain 300 mg.
The filling quantity must first be extrapolated to a number of 50 capsules (100 capsules for the K100):
300 mg x 50 capsules = 15,000 mg = 150 grams (for the K100 300 grams). The filling material has to be filled into the capsule filler and distributed into 50 capsules (K100: 100 capsules). Each capsule then contains about 300 mg, of which 10% = 30 mg with the desired active ingredient.

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As a merchant from another EU country, can I buy VAT-free in your online shop, if I can prove a valid VAT identification number?

Answer: As a retailer, please go to 'Information' at the bottom right of our homepage and log in under 'Dealer registration'. We will activate you for tax-free dealer purchases after successful verification of your sales tax number.
The sales tax-free purchase is connected with a very large expenditure of work. The tax-free purchase is therefore unfortunately only possible from an order value of 75 EUR.

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